Post Operative Weight Gain

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Post Operative Weight Gain

About Post Operative Weight Gain

Some studies say that a significant number of bariatric surgery patients may experience postoperative weight gain. At Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions, Greg Barnes, MD, the foremost bariatric surgery specialist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, understands the challenges that patients can face after bariatric surgery. He focuses on providing solutions that can get you back on track. You deserve a lifetime of good health, and addressing postoperative weight gain early is the best way to get there. Phone the Fort Worth or Plano, Texas, office, or you can use the quick and easy online scheduler to get help now.

Post Operative Weight Gain Q&A

What does postoperative weight gain mean?

Postoperative weight gain means gaining weight back after weight loss surgery. Most people who have weight loss surgery reach their goals. They lose an average of three-quarters of their excess weight and keep it off. 

But, the remaining patients may only have short-term success. Many of them lose weight successfully in the first 10-12 months. But, then the weight may creep back on. 

Postoperative weight gain can be frustrating and embarrassing for many bariatric surgery patients. But, the Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions team wants you to know it doesn’t need to be. They’re experts who can help you reach your original goals and reclaim your health. 

Why does postoperative weight gain happen?

Postoperative weight gain is usually caused by a collection of factors. Some of these include:

  • Psychological factors like depression
  • Physiological factors like changes in metabolism and hormones after surgery
  • Lack of exercise
  • Not following your prescribed eating plan
  • Returning to your old eating habits
  • Grazing between meals
  • Binge eating
  • Lack of physical activity

Experts believe that in most cases of postoperative weight gain, one or more of the above factors contribute. However, surgery failures and complications can also play a role in postoperative weight gain. For example, slippage of a gastric band or expansion of a stomach pouch. 

Do I need another weight loss surgery for postoperative weight gain? 

It depends on the causes of your weight gain. Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions emphasizes nutrition, lifestyle, and behavior modification as the three cornerstones of weight loss. Medical weight loss can help you succeed, especially if you commit fully to the program. 

In some cases, like problems with the original surgery, you may need a revisional procedure. For example, Dr. Barnes can repair an enlarged stomach pouch, tighten a Lap-Band®, or convert a gastric sleeve to a gastric bypass.

The Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions team knows how frustrating and demoralizing weight gain can be after you planned and prepared for your surgery for so long. While it’s a setback, it’s a temporary one. You don’t have to face this alone, and you can succeed. Phone the office nearest you or click the convenient online scheduler to get help today.