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Medical Weight Loss

About Medical Weight Loss

If you want and need to lose weight, you’re not alone: About 55% of women and 47% of men are in the same boat, according to the latest statistics. The medical weight loss program at Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions, created by elite bariatric medicine specialist Greg Barnes, MD, is designed with the individual needs of every patient in mind. Call the Fort Worth or Plano, Texas, office or book your medical weight loss consultation online now.

Medical Weight Loss Q&A

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss is a process that helps you get to a healthy weight. Medical professionals oversee all aspects of this type of weight loss plan. It’s based on science, not fads. 

At Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions, Dr. Barnes designed a program that encourages steady weight loss while teaching you a new lifestyle.  

What is the medical weight loss process like?

Medical weight loss starts with an evaluation. 

Your evaluation includes:

  • Physical exam
  • Lab tests
  • Medical history
  • Weight history review
  • Review of current health problems and medications
  • Eating habit review
  • Lifestyle review

The evaluation gathers lots of information. This helps the team know what weight loss methods can help you best. 

Your medical weight loss includes:

New eating plan 

Dr. Barnes and your nutritionist create a weight loss plan for you. They help you learn new eating habits and ways of dealing with cravings. For example, how to know when you’re hungry versus just wanting to eat. 


Medication, such as oral drugs and newer injected medications, can speed up weight loss. Medication can help you eat less by reducing hunger pangs, increasing fullness, and slowing stomach emptying. 

New activity plan

Physical activity helps you lose weight faster. The team can help you identify activities that work for your ability level.

Support system 

A good support system is important for medical weight loss. This may include support groups based in the hospitals where Dr. Barnes works, therapy, and your loved ones.   

Do I need to try medical weight loss before I can have bariatric surgery?

Yes, Dr. Barnes requires patients to make an effort to lose weight without surgery first. The medical weight loss plan helps many patients reach their goals without surgery. 

If you’ve failed to lose weight through prior attempts and qualify for weight loss surgery, you still need medical weight loss help to ensure a successful surgery. Bariatric surgery isn’t a quick fix. 

It doesn’t replace diet and exercise. If you’re having bariatric surgery, you attend nutrition sessions first. Your nutritionist explains your new dietary requirements (food, supplements) and how you can adapt to your new stomach size after surgery. 

You also see a psychologist who specializes in bariatrics. They give you behavior modification guidance to help you implement and adjust to the changes. 

Medical weight loss help awaits at Barnes Bariatric Surgical Solutions, so call the nearest location or book online now.