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Our Process

Our Process

Barnes bariatric weight loss services offers a professional dedicated team that will assist you in your bariatric surgery procedure. With our dedicated team of expert surgeons, nurses, staff, counselors and nutritionists we offer a unique experience that will help treat your weight loss symptoms.


Our Trusted Team of Experts

Our trusted team of experts at Dr. Barnes Surgical Solutions Include

–          Certified Medical Professionals

–          Nutritionists

–          Physician’s Assistants

–          Nurses

–          Counseling Services

We understand the challenges of weight loss and are here to help with all your questions, concerns and other needs. Our experienced staff will guide you through the insurance approval process or assist cash patients in locating funding resources. We are dedicated to helping our patients on their journey to a healthier life.


Personalized Nutritionist

Our food nutritionists at Barnes Bariatric services are provided by the Texas Surgical Services and include scheduled visitations before your surgery, two weeks after your surgery and then quarterly to yearly visits. We offer specialized metabolic testing with a tailored nutritional plan just for you. Patients are asked to work with nutritionists and be committed to making exercise and diet changes to help create lasting weight loss results.


Qualified Counseling Services

In order to see if you’re a candidate for bariatric surgery, Dr. Barnes surgical solutions asks patients to undergo a psychological evaluation by one of our qualified bariatric counseling specialists. Your session will include discussions about your personal history, preparedness and weight loss lifestyle changes.

We offer counseling before and after the procedure 


As patients and procedures vary so will results