*Disclaimer: As patients and procedures vary so will results

Jim’s Story:

I began my journey toward a healthy life on September 14, 2010 when I made my first visit to Dr. Barnes.  At the time I had reached my point of surrender with my constant weight problem that I had experienced for 56 years.  In the last 5 of those years my weight had ballooned to 469 pounds.  I was miserable.  I had diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and chronic knee problems.

On that day of my first visit with Dr. Barnes he gave me hope like I had never had before.  He gave me some instructions on what I needed to do to prepare for the Roux-N-Y Gastric Bypass and I began following his instructions.  My biggest fear with the surgery was that after the surgery, I would constantly be hungry but have a physical limitation with eating to satisfaction. Even with this fear, I was desperate for a change in my life and on that day the change began.

Dr. Barnes wanted me to lose 30 pounds before my surgery and I was successful at losing 60.  I had my surgery on February 7, 2011 and experienced no problems whatsoever.  My greatest fear did not become realized—quite the opposite.  I began to get full after just a few small bites of food.

Between February 7, 2011 and November, 2011, I lost 209 pounds and compared to the 469 pounds I weighted on that first visit to Dr. Barnes, the total weight loss is 269 pounds.  On Thanksgiving, 2011, my weight was 210 pounds.  I have maintained that same weight for almost two years now.  I still do what Dr. Barnes tells me to do.  As long as I do, I should be able to maintain 210 pounds.
My message to the morbidly obese is simply this:  Face your fears, vocalize them to someone, walk through those fears and find your own point of surrender.  You can find that a surrender can actually lead to a victory.

After the surgery:

My diabetes went away.  My high blood pressure went away.  My high cholesterol went away.  My sleep apnea went away.  My knee problems went away.  My attitude and zest for live improved dramatically.

My surrender became a victory.  God Bless Dr. Barnes and his staff—they gave me back my life.

Jim M.


Jim Before Weight Loss Surgery


Jim after Weight Loss Surgery

*Disclaimer: As patients and procedures vary so will results

Nash & Carmen Story:

“When my wife and I realized we needed help, it was a very difficult decision to take that initial step. We were so overweight that we were unhappy. We couldn’t walk far, we were always tired, we couldn’t do activities everyone else was doing, we couldn’t even fit in some chairs. We had a problem and we needed help. We tried to exercise, but we were too far gone. Fast food restaurants and eating out felt addicting. Snacks were always in reach and why not, we were already so big it didn’t matter anymore. We thought.

We heard about gastric bypass and gastric sleeve so we looked it up online. Here is where it got VERY hard.
After doing our research we found out that we would be unable to eat as much. Immediately, we both gasped! Our FOOD!! The thought of not being able to eat as much sounded so extreme. We could not imagine what it would be like.
We thought, “What if we are still hungry? What if we don’t get satisfied?” We closed our browser and decided to order a pizza. Oh with wings too. 🙂

My wife had problems every single morning, stressed out about her clothes. “What am I suppose to wear?!! This is to tight! These pants don’t fit right! This shirt is too snug! I HATE CLOTHES!!

I had my own issues, my feet would KILL me Every Single Day. I also began to lose feeling below my knees when I would lie down at night. It was bad.

After about a week we started discussing the topic again. We thought, Maybe… it would be good for us. We DO want to live a long life. And…how awesome would it be to shop at regular stores again! Plus sizes are NOT the same. HECK!… We could even go to an amusement park!

We both had the hardest time making that initial step. So many negative thoughts about it. But… We decided our lives with each other was more important than food, and if we did it together we could get through it as a team.

*** WHOA ****

Okay, so my wife is 9 months out, she had gastric bypass. I am 4 months out and I had gastric sleeve.

Dr. Barnes gave us a second chance in life and we are the most appreciative people on the planet! What a HUGE LIFE CHANGING EVENT! We have not felt as good nor looked as good since high school. It is nothing like what we had feared. We are so healthy now! It’s INCREDIBLE!!!! Not only is our weight Completely under control, but inside our bodies are So healthy as well. It is TRULY the BEST thing that has EVER Happened!! The doubts you are having, PLEASE consider this Wonderful New Lifestyle. YOU deserve being healthy and living life to its fullest!”