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The Benefits of Bariatric Surgery | Barnes Bariatric Solutions

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So, you have considered weight loss surgery solutions, but you are still not sure if it’s right for you. That’s normal; there is a lot of information on the subject to consider.

Which Weight Loss Procedure is Right for you?

Barnes Bariatric Solutions always seeks to help patients solve problems. Let’s discuss some of these problems, as well as, post-surgery benefits:

  • Everyone experiences pain from time to time, but people who are overweight can suffer from it more often. Maybe your knees ache trying to walk upstairs, or your ankles swell up on just a short stroll. Getting excess weight off your body helps to relieve your joints so you can enjoy normal activities without pain. Imagine playing in the backyard with your pet or resting on your knees to garden and not having to ice your joints afterward!
  • Type 2 diabetes. There are many risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes, includingbeing overweight or obese. Bariatric surgery can help you to become free of diabetes.
  • High blood pressure. The majority of people who get bariatric surgery have “significant, long-term blood pressure improvements” or become completely free of high blood pressure after they start to slim down, according to astudy. High blood pressure can cause problems with your arteries, heart, brain, kidneys and eyes, according to the Mayo Clinic, so regulating your blood pressure is important for your overall health.
  • Self-image. Extra weight can be an obstacle when it comes to relationships of all kinds. Many people reportmore attention and kindness from others after significant weight loss, and that can be a big self-esteem boost!
  • High cholesterol and high triglycerides are also very prevalent in obese patients. Weight loss surgery helps resolve high cholesterol issues in the majority of patients.

Of course, these are just a few of the many benefits to weight loss surgery.


Weight Loss Counseling and Support | Barnes Bariatric Solutions

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So, you are preparing to lose weight and not sure of where to start. That’s OK; many others have been where you are now. The first steps are always the hardest to take, but Barnes Bariatric Solutions can help you on your way to becoming a happier and healthier person!

Prepare to succeed!

Before you start on your weight loss journey, it is important to build up a good support system. Support can come in many ways, but you may want to find family members or friends you can reach out to in times of need. Maybe you feel like eating but are not necessarily hungry — that would be a good time to call one of these people and talk through why you feel that way. Doing this can keep your mind off the false hunger pangs as well as give you insight into your eating habits.

If your tendency to eat stems from something deeper, such as childhood trauma or self-esteem issues, you may also want to seek out a professional counselor. Professionals can help you get to the root of your issues so you can confront them head-on and make better progress while you walk your path. It is also nice that counselors are third parties, so their comments are only meant to help you become the person you want to be.

Finally, the hospitals that Dr. Barnes operates in have seminars or support groups to keep you motivated and on task.

Once you get your support and motivation down, you can begin to consider weight loss solutions. Have you tried diet and exercise in the past and not seen substantial or lasting results? Maybe a surgical solution is worth considering.

Barnes Bariatric Solutions offers many types of weight loss assistance, from LAP-BAND placement to gastric bypass surgery. Surgical solutions are not cheats; they still take hard work and dedication, but you can do it! To get started on a weight loss plan, call Barnes Bariatric Solutions toll-free at (877) 959-6628 or request an appointment online. It is never too late to get back in shap. One day you will look back on your first steps and wonder where the time and excess body weight went!


Try the Lap-Band on for Size | Barnes Bariatric Solutions

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Have you been looking for weight loss surgery solutions?

The Lap Band Surgery Procedure may be an option for you if you have tried traditional methods of weight loss, have a high Body Mass Index and/or experience health problems due to your excess weight.

The Lap-Band is an adjustable silicone band that is placed around the top part of the stomach, effectively limiting your ability to over-eat. The band is placed in a laparoscopic surgery, meaning it is not as invasive as other surgeries. Essentially, the band makes your stomach smaller, quelling hunger, so you feel full much more quickly and the foods you eat pass through you at a slower rate.

Barnes Bariatric Solutions | Weight Loss Surgeon

Of course, Barnes Bariatric Solutions looks for just that — solutions — and if you aren’t pleased with the results of the Lap-Band, it is removable. But the average person who has the Lap-Band surgery loses 35 percent of their excess weight at the one-year mark, and 60% at 3 years, according to a study published in the research journal Obesity. The study also found that those results were “maintained or improved” at the two-year mark. So while the Lap-Band surgery may not provide a quick fix to your weight problem, it can offer you sustainable improvement over time.

As with any surgical procedure, there will be some pain and discomfort in the post-operative phase. But people are typically able to return to work after just one week and are able to go about normal activities about six to eight weeks after the band is placed.


The Pros & Cons of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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A gastric sleeve procedure, which is also called a sleeve gastrectomy, is used to assist obese patients with weight loss. The procedure helps limit the quantity of food that you can ingest by decreasing the size of your stomach.

During gastric sleeve surgery a significant portion of your stomach is removed, and you are left with a gastric pouch that is similar in size to a banana. Since the volume of your stomach is dramatically reduced, the amount of food that you can comfortably ingest is also limited. Read More

The Pros & Cons of Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Having a gastric bypass helps limit the number of calories that you ingest. During the surgery, your physician makes a number of small incisions to access your abdominal cavity. A laparoscope or surgical camera is used to guide the small instruments used during the performance of the procedure.

Once the surgeon accesses your stomach, he or she divides it into an upper and lower portion by stapling off a division. The lower portion of the stomach is bypassed, so it will no longer contain or process any food. Instead of the small intestine remaining connected to the lower stomach that is no longer operable, a portion of the intestine is rerouted and connected to the new pouch formed by the upper portion of your stomach. Read More

Is Bariatric Surgery Covered By Insurance?

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If you are considering weight loss surgery, you may be concerned about the cost. However, nowadays, many insurance companies offer coverage for bariatric procedures.

Should you submit information to your insurance company for pre-approval?

If you have health insurance, you may be surprised to find that your insurer may cover the cost of your bariatric surgery. Many insurance companies cover the most common weight loss procedures, such as gastric bypasses, gastric sleeve procedures, gastric banding and revisions. Your physician can submit the information needed for pre-approval on your behalf. Read More